Swift Boat Myths Reported As Fact

Patterico calls attention to another case of the media reporting fantasy as fact.

Amazing. The canard that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth was a “smear campaign” is so well accepted by Big Media that ABC NEWS feels comfortable in portraying the Swifties’ ad campaign as “slanderous” and “smear ads.” These characterizations appear in a “straight” news story about the recess appointment of an ambassador who gave money to the group, and had his nomination nixed by a petty group of Retaliacrats bent on extracting some pathetic, small revenge.

This is yet another case of the media misreporting the nature of the Swift Boat Vet claims. They are routinely referred to as “unsubstantiated” claims when most of the claims made by the Swifties were very well supported by eye witness testimony and/or documentation. If the media repeats anything often enough, it becomes the “accepted truth,” but that still doesn’t make it true. Just for those who were not paying attention in 2004, the Swift Boat Vets were a group of over 250 veterans, including many highly decorated war heroes and even some POW’s, of both parties and most of their claims were very well substantiated.

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