Iran’s Hostage Strategy

Jay Tea made some smart observations below about how the resolution to Iran’s hostage taking of British sailors has far greater implications than anyone is acknowledging. Michelle Malkin posted the following from an Army friend about how calculated and premeditated the actions of Iran were.

The world was distracted by the captured sailors incident, when it should have been focused on Iran’s nuclear intransigence. Instead Britain lost face and Iran became the benevolent captor. In my view, the incident on the border on September between US forces and border-violating Iranian forces was an earlier attempt by Iran to achieve a similar IO effect by capturing US forces, staging video in Iranian territory, parading them around on TV, and acting magnanimous in their release.

This would, of course, forced us to deal with them face to face immediately before the GWB spoke to the UN (as well as Ahmadinejad). The problem is, of course, that US forces fight back and we don’t allow ourselves to be paraded like fools for the world to see (see below).

Britain’s shame is Iran’s gain. Iran failed in September, but not this time, yet no news source has come to the conclusion that Iran had perhaps tried this before (even though they’ve been doing it for 30 years). He then provided Michelle with this link. Iran appears to have tried this before, and now thanks to the success of their hostage strategy in the case of the British sailors, I am betting this won’t be the last time.

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