Happy Birthday Apologies and Some Good Links

I owe a couple of apologies to one of my favorite people in the whole world. I was so stunned to realize I turned 41 today that I forgot to wish a happy birthday to a great friend who shares the date. Mary Katharine Ham and I turned another year older today.

My second apology is to MK for not already linking her excellent column about one of my favorite subjects. If you have not already, please read Mary Katharine’s column at The Examiner about Rudy Giuliani and social conservatives. After reading her column, be sure to check out her blog post updating the column with the latest on Rudy’s recent statement on public funding of abortion. Mary Katharine and I share not only a birthday, but pretty much the same opinion of Rudy and I agree with her take on this one.

My mom took me and the family out for a birthday dinner and I thought I would be home with plenty of time to spare, but a little after-dinner shopping caused me to just miss Mary Katharine’s appearance on the Paula Zahn show on CNN tonight. I will check to see if anyone posted it on the net and will post a link here if they did. I have been lobbying for a while now to get Barbara Walters to put Star Parker in Star Jones’ old seat on The View, but Mary Katharine would be great, too. Ratings are king and if either of those ladies were in that seat doing battle with Rosie the ratings would be off the charts.

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