A couple of updates

This morning, I have a strange sense of deja vu. Not only that, I feel like some things I read, I’ve read before.

First up, there’s the case of Ethan Palmer. He runs (or, at least, used to run) a clothing thrift store here in New Hampshire. A while ago he was apparently running low on inventory, so he cruised by a local Goodwill store and stocked up.

He just neglected to pay for the stuff. While it certainly does minimize his expenses in the short term, it tends to have rather unpleasant long-term costs.

Well, the police have him again.

And last night at Simmons College, despite protests, Ron Jeremy did get to debate pornography with feminist author Susan Cole. Some protesters did show up, but not as many as feared — and even more Jeremy supporters showed up, but were turned away from the event, as it was limited to college students and faculty. Reports from those who attended said that it was a pretty good debate.

And after the event, Jeremy and Cole left in the same hired car. Cole said that the two have debated so many times, they’ve developed a mutual respect — and little things like sharing a car is little more than a matter of courtesy and convenience.

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