Those arrogant Brits

Well, it’s an odd situation, but I find myself agreeing with Iran’s president on the British hostage issue — the Brits are being a bit arrogant about things.

I didn’t think so at first, but after reading my fellow New Hampshirite Mark Steyn’s piece on the matter, I came to realize it.

The British are sending a delegation to Iran to apologize for the incident in the hopes of winning their sailors’ and marines’ freedom. This is the height of arrogance:

By the Iranians’ own initial admission, the incident took place in Iraqi waters, not Iranian — meaning that Britain has nothing to apologize over.

HMS Cornwall, the mother ship for the boat taken, is not acting purely as a Royal Navy vessel. She is on loan to the United Nations, acting as the base for the UN-sanctioned security patrols of the area. So while the Gobs might not have been wearing blue helmets, they were acting under the authority of the United Nations — and as such, the UN is obligated to defend them.

Finally, Steyn points out that the Tars are not just British subjects, but citizens of the European Union — and the assault against them is one against the EU. They are the ones who need to prove that the EU means something, that their citizens can expect to be protected, and not any single nation.

By issuing this apology, Great Britain is rejecting the notions of consensus-building, of the power of the coalitions of which it is a member, and acting unilaterally, practically a “rogue state” in this matter.

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