So much for “straight from the horse’s…”

This week, there’s supposed to be a debate at Simmons College on the subject of pornography. Taking up the side that says porn is harmful and degrading and bad is feminist author Susan Cole. Opposing her will be the old Hedgehog himself, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Ron Jeremy.

Or perhaps not.

According to some voices in the bastion of modern academia, the debate is an important one — but the notion that the person who champions the “wrong” side might actually have some valid points, considerable life experience, and personal knowledge of the subject matter is too much for these hothouse flowers. Their idea of debate is not two people arguing whether something is right or wrong, but just how wrong something is.

Good for Jeremy. In a business where the average career lasts maybe six months, and the explosion (if you’ll pardon the expression) of amateurs diving in to a field previously reserved for the professionals, he’s found a way to keep his career going after almost 30 years and being in his 50’s.

And if those poor, sensitive, benighted college students should suffer an attack of the vapors from being exposed to someone who actually believes in porn… all the better.

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