Fox Tonight

Tonight, two of my favorites are on Fox. A new episode of “24” airs at 9 p.m. EDT. I have been disappointed this season. I don’t know if there is not enough action or if too many of the storylines are recycled from previous seasons or what, but I just have not enjoyed this one as much. Hopefully I will get a pleasant surprise tonight and Chloe will somehow get into a scenario where she has to tell some terrorist off and then shoot him. They never can miss when they give Chloe a smart line and a gun. Anything they have her do will beat her continually harassing Morris over whether or not he is drinking. I really hope that is behind us now.

In contrast to this season of “24,” I have yet to be disappointed by Prison Break. I am a sucker for Michael Schofield and last week we saw the bad guy ex-Secret Service agent try to kill himself, then when he failed due to a jammed gun he decided to do the right thing and come forward to save Sarah from a crappy plea agreement — just in the nick of time. Or does he? We will find out tonight for sure. This show just keeps getting more and more interesting. Tonight is the season finale, beginning at 8 p.m. EDT.

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