Major League POTUS – Season Openers

I am now getting to the part which will be the most controversial, and yet also likely to get the least interest. However, since I set up the table, it’s time to show how the Presidents play. After today, I will be releasing scores of the match-ups, but only at Stolen Thunder.

The contests will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday through the year until each President has played his 146 games. Here are the match-ups for Monday, April 3:

Eisenhower at Washington
Ford at John Adams
Pierce at Jefferson
Arthur at Madison
Cleveland at Monroe
Nixon at J Q Adams
Carter at Jackson
LBJ at Van Buren
McKinley at W Harrison
GHW Bush at Tyler
Teddy Roosevelt at Polk
B Harrison at Taylor
Hoover at Fillmore
George W Bush at Buchanan
Coolidge at Lincoln
JFK at Andrew Johnson
Clinton at Grant
Wilson at Hayes
Truman at Garfield
Harding at Taft
Reagan at FDR

In each match-up, the dominant conditions are established by the term of the “home” President. For each of our five responsibilities, there is a first-to-last ranking of scores, with 5 points possible down to 1. The top priority gets no less than 3, and the bottom no more than 3, and so on, with no more than two 5’s or 1’s allotted.

For each area of responsibility, there is a prime concern, worth triple value, two areas of “important” value, worth twice value, and two areas worth normal value. The rest is basic math, and the higher value wins that individual match-up.

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