“The mice voted to bell the cat”

Well, the Arab Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is over, and they have actually produced something — a “peace plan” for the Israeli/Palestine conflict.

And just how did they manage to work this modern-day miracle? By avoiding the one pitfall that has befallen all the previous plans — inviting the Israelis to attend and actually have some input in their own future.

The nations attending the summit in Saudi Arabia all sat around, negotiated, weighed matters, and came up with a plan they can all live with. It addresses every single concern raised at the summit, and every single attendee agreed it was the best possible solution.

Of course, in Saudi Arabia, Jews are legally forbidden from setting foot. So it made it remarkably simple to craft a plan when one half of the disputing parties — the half that has repulsed every single attempt to wipe them off the face of the earth by the negotiating parties — isn’t invited.

Now, the “peace proponents” are saying that Israel must accept the plans, without conditions or alterations or compromises, or face “consequences.”

There’s only one appropriate response in this situation, and it’s one the “peace proponents” are eminently equipped to accept. If there’s one thing more common than Arab/Muslim government hypocricy in that region, it’s sand for them to go pound.

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