Rosie is Insane

Okay, maybe not legally insane, but I have been reading transcripts from The View lately at Newsbusters and I am just wondering exactly what you would call her condition. I think it goes beyond simple BDS.

Yesterday I decided to stop relying on Newsbusters and watch a bit of The View myself. On Thursday’s program, Rosie claimed that “nearly everyone in this administration is under indictment or suspicion.” She said of the hostage situation involving British sailors being held by Iran, that it was wrong to take the approach that one side is evil and the other good. She claimed that EVERY person in the Bush administration was either under indictment or suspicion. I quoted a few of her statements in my column today at Townhall. The ones that I did not cite are quoted at Newsbusters. (More quotes here from Rosie’s blog.)

What amazes me is that Barbara Walters and ABC have allowed Rosie to spout off like she does. It probably shouldn’t surprise me though. For years, Joy Behar has misinformed the public during the “hot topics” segment on the show by incorrectly reciting bits of news reports. I think Behar just doesn’t pay close enough attention to hear or understand the facts, and is influenced by her extreme bias. Since Rosie has joined the cast, Behar has ratcheted up her level of vitriol. Her recent comparison of Donald Rumsfeld to Hitler is just one example.

Last night on O’Reilly, Bernard Goldberg made a good point. Discussing Rosie O’Donnell ‘s recent outrageous comments, he defended Rosie and Joy’s right to say as many irresponsible and stupid things as they want. He also said that in this capitalist system we all have the right to say we will never watch the show again. O’Reilly made the point that ABC has the right to decide they don’t want to keep them on the show, and said ABC/Disney should be held responsible for all the irresponsible comments made on The View.

Hannity and Colmes included a Rosie segment on their show, as well. Could Rosie finally have gone too far? How much is too much for Barbara Walters to endure? Stay tuned. This controversy doesn’t seem to be cooling any.

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