‘England Expects’, No Longer

Historians have longed agreed as a consensus, that the greatness of Great Britain was brought to bear by its navy. The Royal Navy has been the scourge of pirates, rogue despots, and various pretenders to world power for centuries, yet the events of this month have demonstrated a pathetic cowardice which was heretofore unknown to Parliament with regard to Jack Tar and his mates. Yet Whitehall has swallowed the anchor and scuttled the pride and patriotism of the Andrew, all in hopes of placating a worthless pissant of a man who cannot properly shave himself, much less lead a regional power. The shame of the situation was made clear this week past, when it was revealed that the HMS Cornwall, the escort ship which could easily have prevented the kidnapping of the sailors, was ordered not to interfere, to allow innocent sailors to be seized in Iraqi waters by the Iranian raiders. One can scarely imagine a less British sentiment, notion, or resolution.

But even worse for the long-term look, is the savage and foolhardy destruction of the Royal Navy’s budget and capabilities; one need look no further than the five-year moratorium on promotions to be imposed on all British naval officers. The intent is clearly to drive the most qualified and professional officers out of the service, an act so dangerous to the safety of Britain and so malicious against her citizens’ welfare, that it may properly be called traitorous.

If the next Nelson is to come, he shall not be found in England, for England has abandoned her history and her greatness, by scorning her navy.

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