Laughter, the best medicine

Earlier, my colleague Lorie posted a link to a video of Karl Rove hamming it up with the veterans of “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” one of my all-time favorite shows. The accompanying article also featured extensive quotes from President Bush’s address.

I think I would have given a kidney — possibly two — to have been at that event.

One of the traits I admire most is someone’s ability to not take themselves too seriously, to laugh at themself. Self-denigrating humor is one of the most endearing forms of humor, and Bush and Rove put on a fine display of it.

It’s rare to find that in very prominent people. I think that John Kerry’s inability to really laugh at himself was a factor in his 2004 defeat. Likewise, Al Gore’s Saturday Night Live appearance, when he gave a mock “Oval Office Address,” redeemed him a bit in my eyes.

Now, I really can’t say I knew much — or thought much — about Natalie Imbruglia. In fact, I was more familiar with comedian David Armand’s “interpretative dance” of her song “Torn” than I was of the song itself, or any of her other works.

But then at an Amnesty International fundraiser, someone brought in Mr. Armand — and a very special guest.

The real fun kicks in at 2:50, for those of you who are too impatient to sit through the whole thing.

Those two oughta go out on tour together.

Nah, that’d detract from the uniqueness, the specialness of this performance. Let it lie.

And if you missed it, well, too bad. You’re a little late.

(Tip of the hat to Scott of for linking to this video)

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