Causes Fox Heartburn

I speculated in my annual handicapping of the American Idol finalists that was starting to have an impact. If you doubt that to be true (and some of you did) may I present Sanjaya Malakar:


This guy, who is the worst singer ever to make the finals, is getting buckets of votes. Fox is trying to keep a stiff upper lip and playing up the fact that many young girls are voting for him… But Simon Cowell cut thru the charade last night admitting that it didn’t matter what the judges said about him any more, he was going to get a bunch of votes either way.

The Chicago Sun Times has a writeup about the site this week:

Enjoying their worst
Suburban Web site says ‘Idol’ is ‘giant karaoke contest’

A scrappy little Web site run from suburban Chicago is giving “American Idol” and fans fits. It’s the second most popular “Idol”-related site — right behind “Idol’s” official site. And it’s inspiring death threats and promises of lawsuits against its owner.

The David and Goliath goal of is to convince people to vote for the worst singer every week.

It’s getting noticed. Last week, site owner Dave Della Terza, 24, chatted on Howard Stern’s show. The site served as fodder for morning TV chatter. On “Letterman,” Paula Abdul called the site “just terrible.”

Support from Stern fans and “Idol” bashers appears to be helping contestant Sanjaya Malakar, the 17-year-old Washington state kid with the flowy hair and thin voice. Before last Tuesday’s show, the site pleaded, “If we can move him ONE more week into the top 10, he’ll go on tour.”

Sanjaya then proceeded to get enough votes to make it to the final 10.

If you want a graphical representation of their power, you need only look to and this week’s results:


The worst singer of the bunch is in the top 4! It’s amazing how effective this site is. Fox might actually have a problem with this in the future.

BTW- As of this writing the site is offline…. Gotta wonder if it is growing faster than the hosting company can keep up with.

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