Girls will be boys and boys will be girls

Almost every day advances in technology challenge existing laws and strictures. This is especially true in medical matters, where the “rules” change faster than lawmakers can even hope to keep up.

For example, in Florida, a couple got divorced a while ago. The husband agreed to pay alimony until the wife either remarried or died. Neither has happened, but the guy wants off the hook anyway — because his ex-wife isn’t quite the woman she used to be.

In fact, she’s not a woman at all any more.

Lawrence didn’t mind too much cutting the monthly check to Julia, but now he’s not willing to do the same for Julio.

I have to admit I have absolutely no idea where I stand on the issue. Julio is still, legally, the same person as Julia, who is entitled to the checks. But practically speaking, the shedding of the female identity and assumption of the masculine one should involve cutting all such ties — and a monthly check reminding Julio of Julia’s marriage to a man should be something that Julio should make a forceful point of rejecting. (Damn, avoiding gender-specific pronouns can be a bear at times.)

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