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Here are a few links that I found interesting:

  • Mark Tapscott says we should celebrate the anniversary of Campaign Finance Reform by killing it. Works for me. Actually, Mark says more than that. He makes a compelling case to repeal McCain-Feingold pointing to its failure to curb the influence of money in politics. He also points to this Ryan Sager column on the same topic that is worth a read, too.

Caitlin Dean is a 15-year-old student at Bacon Academy (a public Connecticut high school) who donned a burqa one school day and reported racist remarks and taunts from her schoolmates.

Her case and the reaction to it tells us less about alleged Islamophobia than about two disturbing trends: The continuing seepage of the anti-Western cant common in universities into secondary schools; and the growing habit of baiting Americans in an age that glorifies victimhood — a habit that, when Middle East culture is involved, likely as not involves the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Caitlin’s Feb. 1 sartorial selection wasn’t the spontaneous action of a young person engaged in a social experiment. Rather, it was suggested to her by her Middle East studies teacher, Angie Parkinson, who, the Hartford Courant reports, wanted to “promote her class” by finding students to dress in traditional Arab clothing. On that level, at least, the stunt worked: Enrollment in the class will jump to 48 next year from only 12 this semester.

  • David Limbaugh has an excellent column at Townhall about Chuck Hagel’s reckless rhetoric. I posted a bit on this topic earlier here. My take focuses on Hagel’s comments about the President not following public opinion. Hagel thinks that is a bad thing — I think it is leadership. Captain Ed has more on Hagel’s ignorance of the Constitution.
  • Hugh Hewitt is asking his readers to help Mark Steyn by directing him to some good Red State food. I pitched in my two cents in the comments section. By the time I finished reading the other comments I was really wanting some fried okra and banana pudding.
  • And finally, some humor. First, a seriously on target cartoon from Paul Nowak comparing the attention given Iran, versus that given eight U.S. Attorneys. Finally, a family friendly, clean joke about marriage from a local NC blogger friend.

A couple more things worth a look, check out Newsbusters’ transcript of a discussion of the Bible on The View, including what Joy Behar said that made part of the audience nearly “pass out.” Just when I think nothing on that show can surprise me, they prove me wrong. Barbara Walters was present for this episode, by the way. They must be paying Elisabeth Hasselbeck a heck of a lot of money.

John McCain’s MySpace page was hacked. This one is funny and instructional. (Hat tip Michelle Malkin.)

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