Senator Jim Webb Denies He Gave Gun to Aide

Jim Webb is denying that he gave Phillip Thompson the gun and even refused to acknowledge the gun was his:

Virginia Sen. Jim Webb said Tuesday he did not give aide Phillip Thompson the gun that led to his arrest in a Senate office building. Webb did not say whether it was his gun.

Webb said he has been in New Orleans since Friday and returned Monday night. He said that he couldn’t talk about the case because of the legal proceedings and his desire not to prejudice the situation. But then he denied any role in the alleged felony.

“We had three cars on Friday that were being moved about because of my trip, and that is probably a reason that this inadvertent situation developed. And that’s really the extent to which I think I should be discussing. That’s really all I can say,” Webb told reporters.

Is this what Mr. Thompson signed onto when he joined the Webb team?

According to court documents, Thompson celebrated his birthday in jail and away from his wife and two kids. He entered the courtroom Tuesday looking very disheveled and wearing a stone-faced expression. He was handcuffed at the legs, had no belt and one pants button was unbuttoned.

That’s shameful. It’s looking like Senator Webb will not take responsibility for this. Instead, he’s going to let his long time friend take the wrap because Webb doesn’t want to get in trouble for having a loaded gun in DC, which is illegal.

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