Who is Amorita Randall?

Michelle Malkin posted a link to this report on a NYT correction:

The New York Times published a lengthy editor’s note yesterday. Actually, it published two of them; both are on this site today. This one involves a former naval construction worker who told the Times magazine that she served in Iraq, was in a Humvee that blew up, and was raped twice while serving in the Navy.

In fact, she never served in Iraq and a medal she received for service, which appeared to bolster her Iraq story, was awarded in error. The larger issue seems to be that the Navy wasn’t able to come up with the correct information about her prior to publication. But were they given enough time? The editor’s note says a “researcher” (fact checker) contacted the Navy “three days before the story went to press.” Not exactly a lot of time to gather and evaluate the information, especially if some discrepancies emerge, which they did.

Update: When I read the story of Amorita Randall I remembered another case that I blogged about a while back, but could not remember the name of the person making the claims and therefore was unable to find the story. When I finally quit trying to remember the name it came to me — Aidan Delgado. Michelle listed several other names in her post, as well. Here is what I don’t understand, if there are as many disillusioned members of the military who have witnessed U.S. atrocities as those on the Left want us to believe, then why do they have to keep making up additional ones? Some bad stuff really did happen at Abu Ghraib and other places. Why is it necessary to invent flushed Korans and fantasy abuses? Can’t they just be satisfied talking about the authentic bad news?

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