24 Thread

Another Monday night, another new episode of “24” at 9 p.m. EDT.

First, though, on Prison Break, Michael will go after T-Bag tonight. Prison Break is every bit as unbelievable as “24,” perhaps more so even, but it is so much fun. If you missed the first season, consider getting it on DVD. If you like “24,” I would almost guarantee you will love Prison Break.

Now back to “24”… I always love Dave Barry’s comments. Here are a couple of my favorites from last week’s episode.

Right. CTU should be checking up on Morris’s breath as opposed to FINDING THE FREAKING TERRORISTS.

A leak? At CTU?? WHAT ARE THE ODDS????I am sick of the Morris sobriety watch storyline. There are terrorists and moles to worry about. Get off of his case and get busy saving the world. This is an especially disappointing development for Chloe’s character. She is slipping back into that annoying state she was in back when she confronted Jack about his drug use a few seasons back, before she learned to kick terrorist butt. I want the old Chloe back. I mean the new old Chloe. The one we saw the last couple of seasons.

Don’t miss the poll at the “24” site this week: “What can Jack do with floating rib fragments and internal bleeding in his chest?” Check the site for the poll choices. My vote is for “All of the above.”

On a more serious note, Barry links to this real article about “Project Chloe.”

Update: I almost forgot that Dancing with the Stars is on ABC tonight. Time to see if Billy Ray Cyrus can dance well enough (or charm fans) to save himself from elimination and whether or not Heather Mills can continue to hold onto her leg. My kids are watching this one.

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