“Maybe if we ignore them, they’ll just go away”

Ever since the modern nation of Israel was founded, its Muslim neighbors have wanted it destroyed. They’ve launched war after war after war, and each time got their asses handed back to them. They’ve fought through proxy terrorist groups, and managed to turn the UN General Assembly into an echo chamber — to the point where they actually managed them to pass a resolution equating Zionism with racism.

And yet Israel stubbornly refuses to play along and just die.

So the latest “peace proposal” is just the latest tactic. The Muslim world cooked up its little plan, and Israel is told that it must accept it, as is, a fait accompli, or “face the consequences.”

As Meryl Yourish points out, prior agreements have worked out so darned well for Israel, so why shouldn’t they buy into this one?

Just to ram home the point that this is a “take it or leave it, but you better take it” situation, the Muslim nations are discussing the plan (which is pretty much a recipe for the slow destruction of Israel, a step up from the traditional quick death they usually plan) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where the plan was first hatched.

That’s Saudi Arabia, which by law forbids Jews from entrance. No matter what the circumstances.

So to answer Dr. Khaled Batarfi’s question, “Peace in the Middle East? Why Not!”: because the Jews ain’t quite ready to quietly lie down and die as you’d like them to. The only reason the Makkah deal between Fatah and Hamas worked was because it made the right appeal to them: “why don’t you stop killing each other and go back to killing Jews?”

The traditional cause in the Middle East has been “peace and stability.” Well, “peace” hasn’t worked out so well, as it usually means that wars end without a solid resolution and just set the stage for another, more brutal and bloody conflict. And “stability” means locking in the dictatorships, the theocracies, kleptocracies, the monarchies, and other forms of thugocracies
that currently hold sway over nearly the entire region.

President Bush had the right idea. Screw “peace and stability.” That whole area needs some serious shaking up, and getting rid of one of the bigger thugs was a decent first step.

Or, as Jack Nicholson might say, “this region needs an enema!”

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