“It’s Just Not Fair”

Bill Clinton is complaining that his wife’s vote on the war is being mischaracterized and that “it’s just not fair.”

On a conference call with Hillraisers, Sen. Clinton’s biggest donors, which The Hill listened to after being provided the call-in information, the former president said there was a stark difference between those who voted for the Iraq resolution and those who wanted to go to war.

In response to a question from one of the supporters on the phone about explaining Hillary Clinton’s Iraq vote to undecided voters, the former president jumped in front of former Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe, saying, “Let me answer this.”

He said he had re-read the Iraq resolution last week, and that his wife had voted only for “coercive inspections.” Clinton justified his wife’s refusal to apologize for her vote by explaining that she was acting out of concern that future presidents might need similar language authorizing “coercive inspections to avoid conflict.”

“It’s just not fair to say that people who voted for the resolution wanted war,” Clinton said.Poor Hillary. It really isn’t fair. Her husband got a pass from far left liberals for his less than progressive ways. Remember when as Governor he returned to Arkansas to oversee the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, who was mentally impaired? He got their support in spite of that. Heck, when he was accused of sexual harassment and even rape, his popularity seemed to rise with most liberal feminists. Hillary is not feeling that same kind of love from the left wing of the party though.

If Bill Clinton really wants see something unfair, he should look at the media coverage and the credit he got for the economy during his term, compared to that George Bush has gotten. Or maybe he should consider some of the things he and those in his administration said about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction. Today George Bush gets called a liar for having said the same things.

Putting aside Bill Clinton’s complaints of unfairness, it is interesting to see the role he is playing in his wife’s campaign. He just can’t resist jumping into the middle of things. He is not just coming to the defense of his wife, though. He is not just trying to find something to pass the time and occupy his mind. He has a lot invested in what a Hillary presidency would mean for his legacy. Expect to see and hear a lot from Bill Clinton between now and November 2008.

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