Did one guy really make the “Big Sister” ad in six hours?

David All asked the question first:

I took a closer examination of the video today, and there’s one scene which really jumps out at me which leads me to believe that there could, in fact, be more to the story.

Watch the video again and look for this scene. Look how perfectly edited the series of videos are in the video. Now look at the admittedly amateur video which the Lamont folks made using this same idea. No one noticed those scenes.

This is precision editing. Not some kid, in his apartment, on a Sunday, with some editing equipment.

Dan Riehl is speculating that De Vellis is taking the fall for David Geffen. Here’s how Dan connects the dots:

Perhaps you recall Phillip’s rationale for making the ad when he wrote an email as ParkRidge47.

A friend suggested the idea after reading a New York Times article about the Clinton’s campaign bullying of donors and political operatives after the Geffen dustup.

I don’t want to say more than that. I’d prefer to let it speak for itself.

As fellow Dean supporter Jean De Vellis Ph.D. appears to be Phillip’s Father, if nothing else, it is interesting to note that he also seems to hold a rather senior position as Director of the Mental Retardation Research Center … at the David Geffen School of Medicine.

Coincidence, perhaps? But it does give rise to some questions, did Phillip do a paid favor for his Father’s boss? Did Geffen’s people simply order the work? Or did De Vellis strike a blow for the little guy, as he now claims?

Very interesting.

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