CNN Laments Democrat Pork

I rarely watch CNN’s American Morning, but Newsbusters has an interesting report including a transcript of an exchange on the program that almost makes me consider watching. Here is a portion of the transcript:

M. O’BRIEN: “In Washington this morning, Democratic leaders are scrambling for votes on a measure that would put the brakes on the war in Iraq. The vote is going to be tight, and that means it is time to pry the lid off the pork barrel, unfortunately.”

AMERICAN MORNING’S Bob Franken joining us now with the grim details. Good morning, Bob.”

BOB FRANKEN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: “Well, I don’t know. Some people would think that they’re really delightful details. The recipients of the pork…”

M. O’BRIEN: “Because of which side of the pork you’re on.”

FRANKEN: “That’s right. One person’s pork is another person’s badly-needed money. In any case, we all remember that the Democrats came in with all this idealism about a new way to do things just a short time ago, but now they’re getting their first big test. And what we’re finding out is that they’re doing things the old-fashioned way.”


REP. NANCY PELOSI, (D) HOUSE SPEAKER: “With today’s convening of the 110th Congress, we begin anew.”

FRANKEN, (voice over): “That was the rallying cry from the newly in-charge Democrats, the wheeling and dealing and hidden pork barrel spending would be no more. Fast forward just 10 weeks. Democratic leaders face their biggest challenge so far. The legislation providing $124 billion in war funding, combined with a troop pullout from Iraq next year. And they’re using every tool at their command. The same tools they criticized the Republicans for using — good, old fashioned pork.”Read the rest at Newsbusters.

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