The Democrats Lose Control of the House

The Democrats have lost control of the House, and, I must say, it’s pretty satisfying to watch them in complete disarray. From The Crypt’s Blog at The Politico:

House Democrats pulled a bill to grant voting rights to Washington, D.C., after Republicans offered a motion that would repeal the gun ban for the District.

The move is a clear signal that Democrats have lost control of the House floor on the voting rights issue after minority Republicans presented the Democratic majority with a politically unpalatable motion that their conservative members would be forced to support for fear of angering the gun rights community.

Fifty-two Democrats voted with Republicans on a similar measure to repeal the gun ban in 2004. That would be more than enough support for Republicans to add a repeal to the voting rights bill – something a majority of Democrats would vehemently oppose.

Republicans have taken great pride in offering motions to recommit during their time in the minority, an often over-looked legislative procedure that has allowed them to amend various bills on the House floor.

Drudge is following this, of course, and offers details of how bad things are inside Democratic leadership:

Dem leadership pulls DC voting bill from floor; conservative Dems were supporting DC gun repeal…

Leader Hoyer seen yelling at staff on floor…
Speaker Pelosi absent because she is desperately searching for Iraq supplemental votes…
Holmes-Norton standing silently in disbelief..

Ah, how sweet the schadenfreude.

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