That oughta clear up that whole “flip-flop” image…

Some days, these things just write themselves. I just gotta step back and let the keyboard do its own thing. This is one of those days.

I’ve groused before about all these mailing lists people put me on (TruthOut, The Ayn Rand Society, Hillary Clinton, etc. etc.) without asking me first, but every now and then they give me such great blogging material that it almost — almost makes it worthwhile. Last night it happened again.

One of the biggest slams against John Kerry has been his reputation as a “flip-flopper,” as one who tries to take positions on both sides of an issue. We saw that in Viet Nam, when he served and then attacked the war. Noted Boston newspaper columnist/talk show host/gadfly Howie Carr repeatedly tells the story of a Kerry constituent who wrote to Kerry over some issue, and got back two letters in the same envelope — one letter agreeing with the constituent, one letter disagreeing with him. And, of course, the infamous “I actually did vote for the $87 billion — before I voted against it” quote.

Well, Kerry has figured out how to not only finally drive a stake through the heart of that image, but to also pander to his supporters at the same time.

Last night, I got an e-mail titles “March Madness – Get your bracket here” from Kerry’s campaign. It seems that since Kerry’s decided not to run due to illness (the American people are sick of him), he’s going to put his campaign resources behind a few candidates running for Congress next year.

And just who will receive the imprimatur of Lurch? Why, he can’t decide.

I am serious. He can’t.

So he is asking everyone to vote and help him choose from eight representatives and four senators who will be up for re-election next November.

One has to wonder how the losing senators and representatives will feel towards Kerry after this latest silliness is over.

But that’s not relevant. As a Boston pol noted at a St. Patrick’s Day roast several years ago, John Forbes Kerry is known as “JFK” — “Just For Kerry.” Everyone else is disposable to him.

So, if you feel like having a little fun, head on over and cast your votes for the Democratic lawmakers who you think are most worthy of John Kerry’s Kiss of Death. If nothing else, it’ll be fun.

(Full text of the Kerry letter below the fold)

Dear Friend,

March Madness is here.

Only this time it’s not just a chance to follow your favorite team through the NCAA brackets — it’s time to fill out your first bracket of 2007 to decide which great Democrats the community will rally behind this spring.

It’s your chance to choose which candidates to support.

Please click the link below and vote for 2 Senators and 2 Representatives you want to advance to the final bracket.

Over the last two years, you mobilized to deliver over 14 million dollars to help win a Democratic House and Senate.

Now the Republicans are applying political heat on our Democratic majority — it’s an ugly version of Republican “March Madness” as they work overtime to damage our leaders who are fighting for your agenda.

Our Democratic majority must be sustained and a strong show of early fundraising is the best way to show that we stand by those who want to change the direction of our country.

The Republicans are targeting many great Democrats for tough re-election fights in 2008. So please vote to see which of these courageous candidates we will help this month. This early money can be an important signal to any potential challengers that these Democrats will fight and fight hard. Voting ends Sunday at midnight ET, so vote right away.

Please click the link below and vote for 2 U.S. Senators and 2 U.S. Representatives you want to see advance to the final bracket.

Thank you,

John Kerry

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