Lily Allen Thinks You’re “All Backward”


British popstar Lily Allen, who scored a record deal based on her MySpace fame, is part of the latest wave of an invasion of young female Britpop imports being hailed as the next big things by critics. Allen’s Wikipedia entry indicates that shes probably as famous for her tabloid spats and insults as for her music, and her initial foray in the US market is off to a rocky start. According to MTV:

MTV caught up with the singer, who’s currently touring the States, at the SXSW festival in Texas – and she had a few choice words to say about it. “It’s all very weird here,” she told us. “They’re all backward in Texas but not as much as they are in Arkansas and Wyoming where I’m going soon.” Eek.

She added, “I can’t really speak for the American population – I’m so far away from anything they are and stand for.”

lilyallen01.jpg lilyallen02.jpg

Lily would be wise to heed the advice of the inimitable Dean Vernon Wormer (Animal House) who said, “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.” She’s two thirds of the way there already…

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