Edwards Announces that His Wife’s Cancer Has Returned, But Campaign Will Continue

Edwards just announced that his wife, Elizabeth, got results this week showing that her cancer has returned. The cancer is now showing up in her bone. He said that now that the cancer is in the bone it is no longer cureable, but it is treatable, and that her doctor says test results give them reason for optimism. Elizabeth Edwards spoke and said she expects to live her life the same way next week that she did last week. Edwards said the campaign will continue, that they will not be “cowering in the corner.”

Update: In my earlier post today I expressed my hope and prayers that Mrs. Edwards would not have bad news to report. I neglected to reiterate that sentiment in this post, which just conveyed the information from the press conference. I go into more detail in my earlier post, but for several reasons, in addition to simply being a compassionate human being, I will be praying for the Edwards family. I think they handled the press conference exactly as they should have. As for those saying Edwards should suspend his campaign now, I don’t think anyone can know what is best for the Edwards, but the Edwards themselves.

Update II: Cancer is not a political issue.

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