You Just Make Sharks Hungrier When You Feed Them

David Limbaugh has a column perfectly timed to coincide with talk of an impending Gonzalez resignation. His point is that Republicans have taken too many baseless charges and attacks without fighting back and that anytime Republicans give any indication that they are giving in Democrats go in for the kill.

Surely in their wildest dreams Democrats didn’t expect the PR and electoral bonanza they’ve achieved with their “Bush lied” lie. When they first trotted it out, it was almost too preposterous to require refutation. But with four years of daily repetition it has become so entrenched in the conventional wisdom that those of us who bother to refute it are considered the deceivers or the brainwashed.

Every time the administration has attempted to defend itself, bulldog Democrats begin their counter-counter propaganda almost before Republicans offer their tepid defense. Democrats rarely bother even defending challenges to their false claims. They just go straight back on offense, accusing the administration, for example, of challenging their patriotism, though neither the “p” word, nor any of its synonyms, was uttered. The mainstream media then conspires to make the false patriotism charge the story of the day.

In every case where the administration has relented, either through fatigue or hopes of conciliation and compromise, the Democrats have been energized to greater partisan stridency, not less. The lesson is that you just make sharks hungrier when you feed them.

Don’t think these rhetorical battles are merely partisan squabbles with minimal fallout. How can we expect the rest of the civilized world, to say nothing of the Arab street, to believe the United States is a force for good in the world, when one of its two major political parties — with little resistance from the other — portrays it as an evil empire bent on stealing the world’s oil and torturing “freedom fighters”? Amen, David. This is something that drives me crazy. Democrats play political games accusing Republicans of things they know are not true, but worse than that, they do so on matters that have national security implications. Call the President a liar who is only interested in stealing oil and then take no responsibility for so many in the world having negative opinions of America. Embolden terrorists, then attack the administration for increased violence. It is almost too ridiculous to believe, but they have gotten away with it time after time, partially because they have friends in the media willing to take their baseless accusations at face value, but in large part because Republicans have decided not to fight back. I have come to the point that I am as angry at Republicans for taking it as I am at Democrats for piling on in spite of the damage they have done to the country with their attacks. I don’t want to assign words to David that he didn’t say, but I think he would agree with me when I say that Republicans need to grow a pair.

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