Finally Fighting Back — It’s About Time

Republican Bush supporters like me have been begging the administration (and congressional Republicans for that matter) to fight back against the ridiculous and baseless attacks coming from Democrats determined to destroy the President. It looks like the President is finally fighting back.

He’s willing to let Gonzales testify before Congress about the U.S. Attorneys matter but the most he’ll allow for White House staff like Rove and Harriet Miers is an off-the-record interview for factfinding purposes. No dice, says Leahy, who wants Rove on the hot seat and under oath. So Bush called the presser and told him to get bent, insisting that he’s not about to forfeit executive privilege to serve the Democratic interest in “show trials.” Which means we’re looking at a separation-of-powers showdown, probably in the Supreme Court, unless one or the other side blinks first and relents.

I really hope the President does not back down on this. Recently I posted a column from David Limbaugh urging Republicans to fight back. We should find out soon enough if that is what is happening. I am with Ace on this one.

It’s time to go to war with these people. The Democrats, the media, all of them . “F&%# you and the horse you rode in on” should be the operating premise of the administration from this point on, and Bush should begin engaging in the most ruthless of political tit-for-tats, ordering his inferiors to not spend a dime of money for earmarked projects in Democratic districts, etc.

It’s called politics, assholes. But apparently it’s now criminal for a politician to engage in politics, at least if he’s from the wrong party.It is time to take a few lessons from the Clinton who knows how to play politics and stop squealing like a bunch of pigs (to borrow a phrase from Deliverance). I am sick of whining about media bias. I am not saying I am going to stop doing it, I am just sick of it. Things are the way they are. Life is not fair. We have to deal with reality. The media is not going to give us a fair shake and the Democrats are not going to play fair. I am not saying we stoop to their level. Quite the contrary. I am just saying it is time to stop rolling over.

Update: There are several in the comments section parroting the Dem talking point that I have been seeing on television, “If there is nothing to hide, then why not have them testify under oath in public?” That is an incredibly stupid question to ask so soon after the LIbby trial and the Plame testimony. The White House appears to have learned from the LIbby example that if enough administration officials are questioned long enough under oath, there are likely to be failings in memory that could result in a perjury charge. We just spent a considerable amount of time and money to prosecute a guy the jury even said should be pardoned.

As for the Plame hearing, if anyone watched it they saw not much questioning of witnesses like Victoria Toensing, but rather grandstanding by congressmen that talked on and on and then asked questions only to interrupt before Toensing could answer. It was a farce and nothing more than an excuse for congressmen to pontificate before television cameras. That is why the White House would not want to have Karl Rove dragged before a bunch of preening congressmen and women playing to the television cameras, even if there is “nothing to hide.”

One other point on the Plame hearing — there are some serious problems with her testimony. At the very least her testimony is at odds with documents and testimony received during the Senate committee hearing and with one of Plame’s own previous memos. If it was worthwhile for Fitzgerald to pursue the Libby case, the prosecution of Plame for perjury seems almost a slam dunk by comparison. Why isn’t anyone demanding that be pursued? Don’t bother, I already know that answer.

Update II: Wow, I am agreeing with Dick Morris on this one.

When will the Bush administration grow some guts? Except for its resolute — read: stubborn — position on Iraq, the White House seems incapable of standing up for itself and battling for its point of view. The Democratic assault on the administration over the dismissal of United States attorneys is the most fabricated and phony of scandals, but the Bush people offer only craven apologies, half-hearted defenses, and concessions. Instead, they should stand up to the Democrats and defend the conduct of their own Justice Department.

There is no question that the attorney general and the president can dismiss United States attorneys at any time and for any reason. We do not have civil servant U.S. attorneys but maintain the process of presidential appointment for a very good reason: We consider who prosecutes whom and for what to be a question of public policy that should reflect the president’s priorities and objectives. When a U.S. attorney chooses to go light in prosecuting voter fraud and political corruption, it is completely understandable and totally legitimate for a president and an attorney general to decide to fire him or her and appoint a replacement who will do so.

Bush, Rove, Gonzales and Co. should explain why the U.S. attorneys were dismissed by emphasizing the importance of the cases they were refusing to prosecute. By doing so, they can turn the Democratic attacks on them into demands to go easy on fraudulent voting. A good sense of public relations — and some courage — could turn this issue against the Democrats for blocking Bush’s efforts to crack down on the criminals he wanted prosecuted.

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