Bush Needs to Step Up Communication Strategy

In my column at the Examiner today I take a look at the Bush administration’s weakness communicating their message and responding to political attacks.

The administration has to be more proactive and have a focused strategy to convey their message and that has been either lacking or insufficient.

The problem begins with the president. He does a great job on the road touting good economic news. He speaks movingly and persuasively about the mission in Iraq when talking to groups of real people.

He has trouble, however, working that same passion into more formal speeches that actually get airtime from the networks. Without properly conveying to the public the virtues and successes of various policies, it is impossible to build public support.

Without sustained support for a policy or action it is almost certainly doomed to fail. It is time for the administration to step up its communications game with a more aggressive strategy.

Update: The Anchoress describes one of those appearances where Bush is good at communicating — the kind with real people. He is also excellent in small groups in the White House like those hall of famers and the like. Unfortunately, those don’t get much television coverage. She also has a message I agree with wholeheartedly.

I cannot imagine what it is like to be this man, to wake up every single day and deal with a seething, BDS-afflicted press out to take him down, and a “loyal opposition” bent on giving him as much hell as possible in a time of war.

He makes me nuts sometimes – I wish he’d fight back more – but I can understand why he won’t waste his energy on anklebiters and partisan snipers when he has troops in harms way, and people at home to keep safe. And he has kept us safe. And yes, I still pray for him, every day. Do you? Have you stopped? Maybe you should start again.

Update II: Granddaddy Long Legs has an excellent post on this subject. Read it all.

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