Gunning for the honest citizens

Well, Massachusetts has discovered yet another way to “fight” its crime problem, and help the disabled at the same time. They want to impose a $25 tax on the sales of all handguns, with the money going towards spinal injury research.

The notion seems to be this: since a lot of spinal injuries are caused by handguns, the gun owners should help pick up the tab for their treatment.

This is a fine, noble, lofty idea, only troubled by a few inconvenient facts:

1) This would only apply to legal sales of handguns, and we all know that criminals always obey all gun laws before committing crimes.

2) One proponent of the measure, apparently unfamiliar with the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, declared that “It’s a privilege to own a gun.”

3) The idea that the people doing the shooting in Boston might not be the ones who would have to pay the tax was dismissed as “irrelevant,” as it’s still “guns” doing the deed and therefore, the “guns” must be punished.

Here’s a simple solution for the Bay State: start enforcing the laws you have on the books already. You have the Bartley-Fox Law, which was passed in the 1970’s and imposes hefty additional penalties for those who use guns in the commission of crimes. Last I heard, it hadn’t been used in over two decades.

Here’s another idea: put more cops on your streets. By law, Boston has to have at least 2,500 uniformed police officers. They haven’t been within a couple hundred of that in years, but they don’t care.

Here’s a third: get rid of mandatory police presence at construction sites. Nearly every other state gets by with private flagmen, but not in Massachusetts. (Although in their defense, considering how many Massachusetts people drive, it might be a little justified.) That will free up more hours for the police to actually do police work.

But nah, it’s easier to just pass another law that will punish the law-abiding citizens who actually believe in their Constitutional rights, and give a pass to the criminals.

After all, that’s the Massachusetts way.

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