Hung up

Some may have noticed my silence yesterday. It was my day off from the Day Job, and normally that’d mean I’d have more time to post. But circumstances conspired against me.

Yesterday morning, my power went out. Since that took out my new Vonage phone, I grabbed my cell to call the electric company. That’s when things went from annoying to bash-my-head-against-the-walls crazy stupid.

Ever since I moved, I’ve had crappy cell coverage here. It’s why I got Vonage (which, by the way, is extremely cool). It’s been a running battle between me and my cell phone provider (which I will call “Dash”).

Well, I tried to call the electric company, but I got a message that I was using “American Roaming” and my call would cost $2.99, plus a per-minute charge. This was odd; I had disabled roaming on my phone a while ago. So I hung up, double-checked the settings, and tried again — and got it.

So I called up Dash and asked them WTF? Their answer: it wasn’t really a “roaming” message it was an error message. It was because my phone needed to be reprogrammed to work properly. And why did it need reprogrammed?

Why, so it would know my new phone number.

A week ago, I had made yet another complaint about the service. The representative said that she would “re-set” my phone, and might need to change my number. I wasn’t thrilled by this, but if it was necessary, I’d live with it. But it turned out she didn’t have to change my number.

But she did anyway.

So for a week, I had a new phone number without realizing it. It took 45 minutes for Dash to figure this out and explain it to me, then tell me how to reprogram my phone.

Could I have my old number back? Sure! But I’d have to live with the crappy coverage. It seems that my old prefix was “linked” to my old neighborhood, and to improve my coverage, they had to change my prefix in order to improve my coverage at home.

They offered me a week’s credit on my phone bill, but I deferred accepting it. I’m still extremely irritated at Dash.

Oh, and THEN I managed to get hold of my electric company, and was told it’d be a couple of hours before I got juice back.

It came back on, I started working on a posting, and it went out again.

At that point, I figured my computer had suffered enough power outages in one day and said to hell with the whole thing.

I think I can work up at least one or two pieces before I go to work today — as long as the electricity holds out and Dash doesn’t yank me around some more.

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