Plame Turns Over Her Secret Decoder Ring

Scott Ott reports on Valerie Plame’s congressional testimony.

(2007-03-16) — Valerie Plame, whose CIA career ended when columnist Robert Novak blew her cover in July 2003, today testifies before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee whose members will receive a special secret decoder ring so they can understand her without revealing sensitive intel in a public forum.

Ms. Plame (aka Valerie Wilson) lived such a secret life that when she and her husband, former ambassador Joe Wilson, appeared in a photo spread in Vanity Fair magazine, she was compelled by CIA covert spy protocol to wear dark sunglasses.

The former agent will speak in a top-secret cipher language. Committee members will break the encryption as she speaks using the secret decoder device.Just in case anyone thought that was a real news report (I really hope none of you did), it is Scrappleface, which is a satire news site. Follow the link to read the rest — especially the last line, which is hilarious. (Hat tip to Mrs. Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette)

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