Defense Attorneys in Jose Padilla Trial want to ban the word terrorist

It’s too inflammatory and prejudicial one of the defense attorneys said.

MIAMI (Reuters) – Defense lawyers want the word “terrorist” banned as too inflammatory in the U.S. trial of Jose Padilla and two other men charged with conspiring to aid Islamist extremists overseas.

The word conjures up visions of someone with a bomb belt blowing up himself and others in a crowded cafe, Jeanne Baker, an attorney representing co-defendant Adham Amin Hassoun, said during a hearing in the high-profile case on Friday.

“The word terrorist has nothing to do with this case,” Baker said. “The word terrorist is used to label an enemy.”

No, Ms. Baker, it is used to label someone who terrorizes other people. So, has this defense team been watching The View? Rosie doesn’t like the term terrorist either because it robs the terrorists of their humanity. Cry my a river.

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