Group Launches Abortion E-Cards

A non-profit group, Exhale, has come out with some e-cards dealing with the subject of abortion.

A nonprofit organization has unveiled a series of electronic greeting cards that concerned friends and relatives can send to a woman after she chooses to have an abortion.

Like Exhale’s confidential talk line for women who have had abortions, the six e-cards available on the group’s Web site were designed to be nonpartisan and encompass the range of someone’s potential responses to going through an abortion.

“Women having abortions are calling our line because often they don’t have someone to talk to — it’s a stigmatized issue,” said Aspen Baker, founder and executive director of Oakland-based Exhale.

One card expresses sympathy, offering the gentle reminder that, “As you grieve, remember that you are loved.” Another provides encouragement for someone who “did the right thing.” Yet another strikes a religious tone with the thought that “God will never leave you or forsake you.”
Rush Limbaugh has been talking about the cards on his show and has been suggesting some cards of his own. John Hawkins has posted some of the card ideas, with graphics to show what they might look like, at Right Wing News.

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