There Is a Role for Morality

Bruce Kesler makes the point that whether or not you agree with Pace’s comment about homosexuality and morality, there is a role for morality in the military.

“We don’t need moral judgment from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs,” says Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, third in line for succession to the presidency…

I’ll leave the facts about gays in the military to the experts in military cohesion and effectiveness, and those expert in successfully integrating various backgrounds and lifestyles into stressful occupations that depend upon close ties among members…

BUT, Speaker Pelosi, it absolutely won’t work to have a military in which “we don’t need moral judgment.” What the heck does she think motivates a young person to enlist or serve bravely but a moral judgment that our country and civilization is worth fighting for against those who are its enemies? What the heck does she think holds young men and women together under the horrible stresses of war but a unique bonding and reliance upon each other? What the heck does she appeal to in prosecuting young Marines or soldiers for mistakes in the heat of combat? Does Speaker Pelosi believe anyone would enlist or risk their lives and limbs to defend her or her San Francisco constituency, who have succeeded in largely chasing the military out of the Bay Area?

Moral judgment, and the willingness to fight for it, is what the military is about, indeed why we have a military. Otherwise, why not just accept beheadings, terror, enslavement, and all the other wonderful accoutrements of fanatic Islamists, or despotic satraps, or for that matter their depraved predecessors who murdered 100-million Russians and Chinese, or even persevere to win the Cold War.One thing we have learned since September 11 is that some in this country do not think there is a role for morality in the military or in politics, at least when it comes to making judgments about some practices of other countries and cultures. They do, however, want to invoke morality when it comes to things like funding entitlements or driving SUVs.

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