Fun Fred Thompson Facts

The buzz this week in the Presidential race has been about the possibility that Fred Thompson will throw his hat into the ring. IMAO has some fun “facts” about Fred Thompson. (Link via Lucianne) Among them:

* Fred Thompson has on multiple occasions pronounced “nuclear” correctly.

* Fred Thompson has blasted more people in the face with a shotgun than even Dick Cheney.

* The masked executioner of Saddam Hussein: Fred Thompson.

* Not only does Fred Thompson cut taxes, he cuts tax collectors.

* Fred Thompson is the only person to have ever bested Miyamato Mushashi in a duel. The reason Musashi is so vague about the book of the void is because the fifth ring of combat is really Fred Thompson.

* The reason Fred Thompson didn’t want to stay in the Senate for long is because all the extra scrutiny kept him from doing his favorite hobby: Prowling the streets at night killing drug dealers.

* Every night before going to sleep, Osama bin Laden checks under his bed for Fred Thompson.

* Fred Thompson took over what was Al Gore’s Senate seat, thereby dramatically reducing the Senate’s carbon footprint. Fred Thompson then created carbon offset offsets by wastefully burning hippies.There are many, many more so follow the link. They are from Frank J., so you know they are all funny (unless you are a cat lover, in which case one of them might not seem quite so).

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