24 — A New Character and the Return of Some Old Favorites

No new episode of Prison Break tonight, but a new “24” airs.

The past couple weeks of “24,” in my opinion, have been a bit boring (until the last few minutes of each, anyway). Tonight, however, previews reveal we will get the long anticipated (by me anyway) introduction of Ricky (Silver Spoons/NYPD Bliue) Schroeder and the return of former First Lady Martha and her beloved Secret Service Agent Aaron. That’s plenty of reason to tune in at 9 p.m. EDT.

(I read an incorrect listing for Prison Break earlier and included it in the original post here. Prison Break is not on my television tonight, but at the Fox “24” site it still says that tonight’s episode of “24” follows a new Prison Break. I corrected the post above when I saw that Prison Break was not coming on.) Update: Finally got through to the Prison Break site and it says new episodes will return March 19. Yea.

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