Is there a true conservative in the Republican Primary Race?

Some Republicans don’t think that any of the top tier candidates are conservative enough, which is why some are recruiting Fred Thompson, and I understand these conservative’s concerns. I like Rudy Giuliani as well as Mitt Romney, but each man has a history on important issues that I, as well as other conservatives, have some problems with. I was doing some research on some of the lesser known Republican candidates and saw a man who is an officially declared candidate for president whom I was unfamiliar with but thought was very interesting.

Anyone hear of John Cox? He’s a lawyer, a CPA, an entrepreneur, and a self-made millionaire. He spoke at CPAC although he got virtually no coverage, which is surprising. From what I can tell, the man is a conservative’s conservative and reminds me a lot of Steve Forbes. Those who really like Steve Forbes’ kind of conservatism, like me, will probably like John Cox.

Cox authored a book titled Politic$, Inc.: Principle, Not Profit: Why We Need Statesmen, Not Career Politicians, which Nathan Tabor at Human Events’ Right Angle Blog reviewed. Here’s a portion:

His 224-page paperback book offers his solutions in a straightforward style that will strike a chord with conservatives frustrated by the runaway spending of a Republican-held Congress and White House. His message should also grip those readers who have been equally appalled at the reflexive stance that Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert recently took in defense of Democrat Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana, and the political hypocrisy of people like Republican Senators Arlen Specter and John McCain.

Author Cox asserts in Politic$, Inc. that free-market principles — not reliance on government — should be used to combat the looming problems of Social Security, health care and the deteriorating American educational system. Government, Cox continues, is a hindrance to progress, made all the more so by professional politicians who choose to ignore difficult and sometimes distasteful solutions in lieu of political compromise, thus wasting the opportunity to resolve our country’s most important issues.

Politic$, Inc. will have appeal for an electorate starving for true conservative leadership. Cox concludes in his missive that term limits are necessary because legislators have repeatedly shown themselves incapable of political restraint. The advantages of incumbency are strengthened by the compromising examples of those already in office. He points to senatorial examples such John McCain and Alan Specter.

There’s more to Nathan’s review, so click on over if you want to read the rest of it.

The website Small Government Times interviewed John as well, and I thought his answers were compelling as well as refreshing. Here are his answers on two of the more important issues today: the war in Iraq and illegal immigration:

SGT: The problem of illegal immigration is on the increase, and our politicians seem unwilling to tackle this issue. Do you believe illegal immigrants should be covered under our nation’s entitlement programs, such as Welfare, Medicare and Social Security?

JC: Illegal means breaking the law and that behavior should not be rewarded. That seems clear to me as it does to millions of Americans, with the exception of a few career politicians, who just want to keep getting re-elected.

SGT: Do you believe the Bill of Rights protects illegal immigrants? Do you support deportation for every immigrant in the United States illegally?

JC: People illegally in our country should not be here. While the career politicians dithered, 12 million cheated their way into the country. They need to leave. You don’t need to deport them – just end their ability to find work. Crack down on illegal employment and they will leave on their own and we will just have to deport the few that remain. That would be the most compassionate thing we could do for the countries they came from. Hopefully, after tasting the freedom and economic vitality of the U.S., they will go home and replace the governments they have so they, too, can enjoy that same economic vitality and freedom in their home countries. That is real compassion, not the fake compassion of the open borders crowd, who are just enabling corrupt governments like Mexico to maintain their corrupt practices.

SGT: The War on Terror is a deeply important issue facing our nation. Do you believe the war in Iraq was the right war to fight?

JC: We were attacked on 9/11. I feel that President Bush was right to take the fight to the terrorists. If I were Mayor of Chicago, my hometown, and a couple of street gangs were threatening the city, and one blows up the Sears Tower, I would go after that street gang for sure but I also wouldn’t wait for that other street gang to blow up the Hancock building – I would go after them too in order to protect the people I am responsible for. Having said that, the post invasion rebuilding and security have been horribly mismanaged. We built a government and bureaucracy but didn’t rebuild the economy the way we did in post WWII Germany and Japan. Iraq should be a wealthy, prosperous country today and we better get going on pumping their oil and giving Iraqis the benefit and burden of their own security and rebuilding as soon as possible.

SGT: Many candidates are calling for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Some call this a “cut and run” strategy, while others believe the withdrawal will save troops’ lives. Do you believe in an immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq?

JC: I would do whatever necessary to get their oil pumping at 100% of their capacity, rather than the 30% they are doing right now. Get the money into that economy, get the prosperity to the people and get our troops home. I would also get the Iraqi government to call on other democratic Muslim nations like Pakistan and Indonesia to put together a coalition of Muslim forces to replace Americans in the security role. That would allow us to redeploy to the borders and ultimately home.

SGT: In your view, when is the war in Iraq over? What specific goals need to be accomplished in Iraq before the United States can claim complete success?

JC: The unemployment rate in Baghdad is 50% or more. Get people working and prosperous – using their oil revenue, not money from U.S. taxpayers – and the security situation will stabilize and success will be achieved.

I’m not sure what he means by his statement “I would do whatever necessary to get their oil pumping at 100% of their capacity…” That statement is pretty vague as far as I’m concerned, so I would like to see him expand on that. But his comments on rebuilding Iraq’s economy are spot on. As he said, Iraq should be a wealthy nation, but getting it to prosperity requires getting the country’s security in check. The sooner Iraq’s entire army is a well run security machine, the better, and we need our troops in Iraq, Baghdad especially, to get security under control while that happens.

Cox is a true believer in free market solutions to our country’s issues such as social security, health care, and other issues. I recommend reading the rest of SGT’s interview with Mr. Cox. It’s a good place to begin getting to know more about him.

As I said earlier, it is definitely newsworthy that some conservatives are courting Fred Thompson to run for president and that he’s considering a run, but I’d like to see John Cox get more coverage by conservatives as well.

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