Democrat: Bring Guantanamo Detainees to the US

What a stunningly bad idea. James D. Moran (D-VA) wants to bring the worst, most dangerous terrorists this world has ever known, whose goals are to kill as many Americans as possible, to America. Some of these detainees are still in Gitmo because they are so dangerous that their own countries don’t want them back. Yet, Moran thinks it would be a great idea to hold the Gitmo detainees in Quantico:

A Virginia Democrat seeking to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, would favor bringing detainees to secure East Coast locations, including Quantico Marine Corps Base.

Rep. James P. Moran, D-8th, said yesterday that he favors bringing Guantanamo detainees who have been charged with offenses to military brigs in the jurisdiction of the Richmond-based 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

“That’s the most conservative circuit court” in the nation, said Moran, a senior member of the House defense appropriations subcommittee. “So nobody can charge [the detainees] won’t get a speedy and disciplined trial.”

The ideas he floated provoked attacks from Virginia Reps. Eric I. Cantor, R-7th, the chief deputy GOP whip, and Jo Ann Davis, R-1st, whose district includes Quantico.

Virginians are not happy with Moran’s idea, either, and I don’t blame them one bit:

However, some residents near Quantico were taken aback by the possibility. “Nobody wants that kind of stuff here. Would you? Leave them where they are,” said John Rogojan of Stafford County. His home along state Route 610 in northern Stafford is across the road from the Marine base’s border,. The base includes land in Stafford and neighboring Prince William County.

It doesn’t matter how secure Quantico is.The whole concept of having terrorists like those at Guantanamo who want to murder Americans on a massive scale here in our country is scary and dangerous.

House Republican Eric Cantor responded to Moran’s idea:

“Virginians neither want nor need hundreds of terrorists with connections to 9/11 groups like al-Qaida in our commonwealth,” Cantor said.

“This shocking lack of judgment demonstrates that liberal Democrats do not understand that these terrorists want to kill Americans and destroy our way of life. These dangerous, terrible people should not be allowed into our country.”

He’s absolutely right. Not only do the the Democrats not understand the terrorism threat, but I really question if they believe there is a terrorism threat.

Congressman Moran is on Fox and Friends now and is explaining how important it is to provide these evil, murderous terrorists due process. That’s really his biggest concern? He thinks providing these terrorists due process is more important than protecting Americans from these terrorists by keeping them out of this country? He also said the jihadists use Guantanamo as a recruiting tool, but that’s complete bunk. There weren’t any Islamic terrorists in Guantanamo prior to 9/11, yet Khalid Sheik Muhammad had no problem recruiting hijackers for the 9/11 attacks. Nor were there any terrorists in Guantanamo when terrorists struck World Trade Center the first time. Or when they attacked our embassies in Africa. Or when they struck the USS Cole.

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