300: the movie to see

John Hawkins saw the film 300, twice actually, and loved it. He wrote a mini movie review yesterday that is so positive that I want to see it. Here’s a portion of John’s review:

Why was it a great movie? Well, first off, to call this film action packed is like saying that Dolly Parton’s bra is “bigger than average.” This movie was just full to the brim with phenomenal, well shot combat scenes.

Perhaps more importantly, this is not your typical, politically correct Hollywood movie. The good guys are militaristic, absolutely ruthless Westerners who are willing to die for what they believe and would probably be right at home in the Special Forces or the Marines. Moreover, the bad guys were the more cultured, decadent, and probably in many people’s eyes, the more reasonable of the two sides.

I could also add that the movie is pro-war, morally unambiguous, and it is also unashamed about putting forth the message that freedom is vitally important and worth fighting for — (by now, you’ve probably guessed that liberals will hate this movie and you’re right).

Additionally, this was a great looking film, it was well directed, had a solid plot, and stuck to the script of the graphic novel fairly closely. The only thing that seemed really out of place in the movie was the gratuitous breast shots of the oracle, Leonidas’ wife, and worst of all, the cut without warning to Leonidas’ behind. None of them added much to the movie, so maybe they thought that the violence meant they were getting a “R” rating anyway, so they might as well throw in some nudity.

The movie is based upon the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller. See the Warner Brothers trailer below:

Update: According to reports, the movie is drawing sell out crowds and is on its way to having the biggest March opening ever.

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