Can't they at least pretend to change their spots?

Today’s Boston Globe (who is rapidly supplanting Ted Kennedy as my handiest source for outrage) has yet another sob story about the poor Palestinians. It seems that they are suffering because of United States sanctions against the Palestinian Authority. While I can’t point out any specific falsehoods in their story, I do note that a few fairly significant facts are overlooked:

1) The Palestinian Authority has a policy that it does not accept conditional or substantial aid. It only accepts cash, and rejects any attempts to monitor or regulate how it is spent.

2) The Palestinian Authority has a long-standing history of taking money given to it for all sorts of humanitarian aid and using it on weapons.

3) The Palestinian Authority is currently dominated by Hamas, and — you might have missed this part — they are TERRORISTS.

Long before Hamas started dabbling in electoral politics, the United States laid it out: Hamas is a terrorist organization. We, as a general rule, do not deal with terrorist organizations.

When Hamas decided to go into politics, we repeated it up front: we will not have dealings with Hamas. Even if they are elected, we will not deal with them.

The Palestinian people either didn’t believe us, or didn’t care — they gave Hamas an overwhelming victory at the polls. Accordingly, we said “get back to us when you stop being terrorists.”

They haven’t stopped being terrorists. If anything, they’ve ratched up the rhetoric, ramped up the terrorist attacks, and even started a bit of a civil war with Fatah, the other terrorist faction that used to dominate the Palestinian Authority.

I’m not quite sure what the rationale is behind the move to demonize the sanctions and their consequences, because they were all eminently foreseeable — and justified.

But it’s nice to see that the Boston Globe is still so eager to cozy up to those who are avowed enemies of the United States and the West. I appreciate the consistency in my life.

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