Throw the book at them

Yesterday, I wrote about the plight of some illegal aliens and their children who were rounded up in a raid on a leather goods factory. A lot of people are concerned about the detained people’s children, who are apparently being used as emotional blackmail against those who believe that laws ought to be enforced every now and then.

But there was a lot more to the story that I didn’t go into yesterday.

The workers were employed at a leather goods factory, Michael Bianco Inc., and were busy making backpacks and safety vests for the US military.

One caller into a Boston talk show brought up an interesting point:

1) The company had a contract to produce goods for the military.

2) Under the terms of the contract, they agreed to abide by existing labor laws and pay their workers a certain rate.

3) The owners instead hired illegal aliens for substantially less money.

Could it be possible to prosecute the owners for war profiteering?

If not that, then there certainly have to be some sort of penalty clause in that contract for such a clear, flagrant violation. And I hope the prosecutors push it as far as they can.

I oppose illegal aliens, but I am not blind. It’s largely a matter of supply and demand. If businesses didn’t have such a demand for illegal aliens, then there wouldn’t be as much of a supply. Going after the employers of illegal aliens is certainly a key step towards fixing the problem — and these scum who ran the Michael Bianco Inc. factory ought to be made examples.

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