Those who violate US immigration laws more likely to violate other laws

Illegal immigration amnesty advocates argue that illegals who violate our immigration laws to get into our country are doing so just so they can have a better life and better support their families. They insist that most illegals don’t break the law once they are here. That’s what a study done by the Immigration Policy Center, a pro illegal immigration amnesty group claims. However, a new study contradicts the IPC’s findings. From PR Newswire:

A recent study by the Immigration Policy Center (IPC) purported to show that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes in this country than the general population. The results of the IPC report, “The Myth of Immigrant Criminality and the Paradox of Assimilation,” are misleading because they lump legal and illegal immigrants together, finds an analysis done by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

Not surprisingly, legal immigrants, who are screened for criminal records before being admitted to the United States, tend not to engage in criminal activities once in the country. The same is not the case for illegal aliens, who constitute the fastest growing share of the foreign-born population. An examination of official data on the U.S. prison population reveals that they represent a larger share of the overall prison population than their presence in the country.

“IPC, which is part of the network of advocacy groups lobbying for an illegal alien amnesty, is clearly fudging the facts to advance their political objectives,” said Dan Stein, president of FAIR. “Local law enforcement authorities are correct to be concerned about growing populations of illegal residents because, on average, they are more likely to commit crimes. A new study we are releasing today shows that deportable aliens nationwide were nearly twice as likely to be incarcerated for crimes as their share of the population.

The findings of the IPC report, which gained widespread media attention, are belied by mounting evidence that illegal immigration is directly linked to violent crime in this country. Federal and local law enforcement agencies have announced urgent new initiatives to deal with growing gang violence, perpetrated by transnational criminals. Among the illegal alien criminals are possible terrorists, drug and human traffickers, child predators, drunk and hit-and-run drivers, murderers, and all classes of other felons. (Emphasis mine)

Those of us who think the Bush Administration is dead wrong on its immigration policies have said over and over again that those who break our immigration laws to get into this country are more likely to break other laws as well, so this study is no surprise to us. However, Illegal alien amnesty advocates will probably come back with the argument that the large number of illegals in prison is due to the fact that they can’t speak the language, can’t understand the laws, so they are more likely to end up in prison. But much of the crime that the incarcerated illegals committed is violent crime. One does not need to speak English to understand that murder, rape, theft, assault, and burglary are wrong.

Added: One blogger commented on his site that my last sentence of the above paragraph is ridiculously obvious. I agree. It’s obvious to those of us who understand the dangers of illegal immigration, but it isn’t so obvious to illegal immigrant supporters who view illegal immigrants as victims, not criminals.

For more information on illegal immigration, go to FAIR‘s website. I also recommend the Dan Stein Report, which follows immigration news. Take a look at most recent entry: Barack Obama thinks the US taxpayer should pay the application fees for immigrants.

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