The Wilson Fantasy Continues In Spite Of Credibility Problems

In my column in the Examiner today, Now the Wilson fairy tale is set in official stone, I ask why so many on the left continue to embrace Joe Wilson, even after so many of his claims have been proven false.

Why? Are these journalists too invested in the Wilson tale to give up on it, even in the face of compelling evidence that much of it was at best unfounded, and at worst a fantasy in Wilson’s mind? Many liberals still support Wilson because his story reinforces their opposition to the war and portrays the Bush administration as the evil conspiracy so many on the left insist they see.

Because Wilson’s version of events became conventional wisdom years ago, liberals have been able to ignore inconsistent and contrary revelations with no repercussions.

Even though Libby was not charged with outing Plame and Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald says he likely won’t file additional charges, Wilson’s scenario was injected into the trial. One juror even said they wondered “where Karl Rove was. ” (Wilson once said he hoped to see Rove “frog marched” out of the White House for exposing his wife’s identity.)

Wilson and Plame reportedly have agreed with Warner Brothers to do a movie based on their story. Once their self-serving fairy tale version of events is memorialized on film, will anyone on the left point out Wilson’s falsehoods? Unfortunately, in Washington as in tinsel town, once the storyline is set, it’s hard to change it, even in the face of overwhelming evidence it is fictional.

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