How sharper than a serpent's tooth is an ungrateful llama

One of the ideas for a posting I’ve been kicking around is my top-ten list of favorite blogs, ones that don’t get the kind of attention and praise that I think they deserve. I’m glad I haven’t done that yet, because one of the sites I intended to include on that list just may have talked itself off of it.

I refer, of course, to the Llama Butchers.

I’ve been a reader and fan for some time, and I’ve tossed them a few bones now and then. I included them in my second round of blogger license plates, and just recently e-mailed them a picture that I thought, as fellow Firefly/Serenity fans, they would appreciate — and they did.

So, what do you think happens when they stumble across a very, very cool video that was made right in my back yard, here in New Hampshire? A video that demonstrates one of the coolest (in both senses of the word) sites in the Granite State? Do they send it to me?

Of course not.

I feel as though I have been spit upon by a llama. Worse, two llamas.

And llama spit is NASTY.

Steve, Robbo, consider yourself snubbed.

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