Another VA Hospital Horror Story

Last night I wrote a lengthy post linking to this sad story from Terresa Monroe-Hamilton about her friend’s horrific experience at the VA hospital in Long Beach. Please read her story.

In my post last night, I talked about my uncle’s horrible experiences over twenty years ago at the VA hospital in Durham, NC, as well as the crummy medical care my husband received in the Marine Corps fifteen years ago. My post disappeared into thin air and I have been unable to recover it. I don’t have the time or energy to recreate it now, but my point was that the problem with VA hospitals should be no surprise to anyone paying attention. I have heard horror stories about the VA hospital for decades, both through my uncle’s experience and from others.

The stories, like those from Walter Reed, and the one Terresa shares of her friend, are truly horrifying and disgusting. The good news is that a problem that has been around for many years, and that I assume has been greatly compounded by those injured in the Iraq War, is now getting front page attention. I hope that the result is a solution to the problem, rather than political posturing and empty promises. We owe our veterans the best medical care possible. Anything less is a failure to honor their service and sacrifice.

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