Band: "No U.S. Military Entities Allowed"


Brightblack Morning Light, the neo-hippie roots-music duo of Nathan Shineywater and Rachael Hughes, who had one of Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Albums of 2006 last year, have a particularly interesting tour rider.

Brightblack Morning Light Tour Rider

In case you have a hard time making that out, it says, “No U.S. Military entities in any form allowed within the event.

Kevin Smith at AZNightBuzz who first reported the rider, says that’s it’s not clear exactly what “entities in any form” means, but it is clear that the owners of the club will not be honoring the request. They say everyone is welcome to attend.

If this from their record label blog, and this from a show review are to be believed, it’s fairly certain that a room full soldiers in uniform at tonight’s show at Club Congress in Tucson, AZ would probably fuel a meltdown of epic proportions.

If you go (buy tickets), take a digital cameras please…

Update: Matador Records and the band’s booking agent have responded to my request for clarification:

This was a poor choice of words on the band’s behalf. What they do not want is for military recruiting to take place during their shows.

We brought it up with the band, and they asked that this clause be reworded to clarify their wishes.

Their current rider reads,

“No military recruitment for the US Government may be held on site.”

Of course anyone, military or otherwise, is welcome to come to see them, they just don’t support the current military recruitment practices, and felt they should include that since they’d seen recruitment at other concert sites.

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