So what's the problem? Weren't they elected?

Over in the Palestinian territories, a bunch of people are upset over Hamas. More specifically, they’re upset over Hamas’ latest action. It seems that someone published a book of Palestinian folk tales and the like, and one story was just a little on the risque side — and Hamas, who holds the majority of the Palestinian government, banned it from school libraries.

This brought up a few observations of my own.

1) Hamas’ charter specifically said that they intended to institute an Islamic theocracy in the Palestinian territories. Under such a state, book-banning is entirely predictable — and, in fact, mandatory. Hamas never made any bones about its intentions.

2) Hamas’ charter also calls for the extermination of the “Zionist State” — the affectionate little pet name anti-Semites call Israel. They’ve repeatedly affirmed that position, too.

3) Despite the best efforts of apologists around the world, Hamas has never made any bones of its agenda — the destruction of Israel and its replacement with an Islamic state. Its successes in elections hasn’t changed that one damned bit. They have not suddenly embraced democracy and freedom; they’ve simply tried out a new tactic — and it seems to be working. I predict a future push for the classic totalitarian ‘experiment” with democracy — “one man, one vote, one time.”

4) The greatest Palestinian folk tale has to be the fairy tale about their ever being a historical “Palestine.” The current “Palestinians” are a mishmash of Jordanians, Egyptians, and other castoffs cobbled together into a faux “people” to use as a weapon against Israel.

(Update: this piece was supposed to publish itself at 8;00, but due to unavoidable error (translation: the author is a bonehead when it comes to consistently using the blogging software), it was briefly published early. Hence the comments that seem to predate the actual publishing of the piece. My apologies, but I’m not so foolish to promise that it won’t happen again.)

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