An Underreported Arrest

Ray Robison at The American Thinker has a post about the arrest of the man said to be the Defense of Taliban, Mullah Obaidullah Akhund, that has gone essentially unnoticed. After examining the story further, Ray found something noteworthy:

Although Obaidullah is widely reported to be the Defense Minister of the Taliban, there is another man who has alternately held that position. That man, Mullah Abdul Razzaq has been noted in the Southwest Asia media, but mostly left alone in the western media. The western media has labeled him the Taliban Interior Minister, and with such an innocuous sounding title, he seems hardly noteworthy. Not to mention that his personal name, Mullah (title) Abdul Razzaq (alternate spelling Razzak, Razaq) seems to be the Afghani equivalent to ‘John Smith’ and thus hard to follow through media reports. However, there is definitive media reporting that says he was the Defense Minister of the Taliban.

Or at least, that is what the Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) called Razzaq, when he was meeting with Saddam’s Vice President in Iraq in 1999. As part of my research investigating the documents captured in Iraq, I did an expose on a notebook kept by an IIS agent. In that notebook, as published at the Fox News website, we provided this fragmentary translation from the notebook:

“The Taliban defense minister is Abdul Razzak (unclear) Association of Muslim Clerics.”

At the time the article was published, the fragment did not seem particularly noteworthy. But with further research, I discovered why this entry was in the notebook. The first translation of the series contained a meeting between Taha Yassin Ramadan, one of two of Saddam’s Vice Presidents and Maulana Fazlur Rahman, a major terrorism supporter called the Father of the Taliban in Pakistan. At the time the article ran, I mentioned that I had not identified the other men listed as being present at this meeting. It was a major oversight on my part not to put the two references together, but now I can do so.

One of the men listed at the meeting with Ramadan was Abdul Razzaq, the same man the IIS agent calls the Taliban Defense Minister. Therefore, the Defense Minister of the Taliban was meeting with the highest officials in Saddam’s government. Of course, this is a nasty thing to discover for those so fond of pointing to the picture of Donald Rumsfeld, our own “Defense Minister” at the time, meeting with Saddam as proof of our culpability for Saddam’s actions. Will they now apply the same standard of logic to determine that Saddam was therefore responsible for the Taliban’s actions and therefore complicit in 9/11?

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