A few thoughts on those on the left still upset over Ann Coulter

It was really kind and thoughtful of the folks on the left to help the right-wingers clean up their mess with the whole Ann Coulter thing. It was really decent of you to make sure everyone knew just what she said, and how, last week.

In return, I thought it was only proper if I helped you clean up your own house a bit.

For example, does Cindy Sheehan still possess “absolute moral authority?” If she did lose it, I’m afraid I missed it.

For another, when Michael Moore’s next movie comes out — an “examination” of the health care system, fortuitously timed to give a major boost to the notion of nationalized health care for the next election — will top Democrats all rush to the premiere and sing its praises, like they did last time? Will he be accorded a place of honor at the next Democratic National Convention, too?

I also wonder when Bill Maher… nah, never mind. He’s already been marginalized off network television.

I could go on and on and on, but I’d be recovering the same ground the always-exceptional Patterico so thoroughly saturated the other day.

You’re welcome, kind folks of the left.

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